Frequently Asked Questions about WAYK Internships

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common questions we get about WAYK internships and Summer Language Intensive projects. We hope that anyone who’s interested in applying for an internship with WAYK can find the answer to some of their burning questions below. If you have a question that’s not answered, please… Read more »

Call for WAYK 2019 Interns!

This summer, we are once again fortunate to offer WAYK internship opportunities during the 2019 Summer Language Intensive. The internship positions are sponsored by our host community, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, in North Vancouver, BC. Participating in a WAYK summer project is one of the best ways to be fully immersed in the work of language revitalization,… Read more »

WAYK Summer Intensive Schedule: 2019 Update

It can be hard to imagine what a language revitalization summer looks like, but working to keep a language vital is a full-time endeavor. Here’s an updated look at what to expect from the WAYK Summer Intensive schedule in 2019. As with any program centered around language learning, it’s essential that we have daily contact with… Read more »

WAYK Summer Intern Expectations: 2019 Update

What you can expect as a summer participant: You will learn how to use WAYK. One of the main purposes of the WAYK Summer Intensive is to provide comprehensive training in WAYK skills, something that is difficult to demonstrate or even explain in a week-long workshop or a few language lessons. A good way to think about the… Read more »

Announcing WAYK’s 2019 Summer Intensive: North Vancouver, British Columbia!

WAYK is very excited to announce—after months (and years!) of planning with the host community—that our 2019 Summer Intensive will take place in North Vancouver, British Columbia! This will be WAYK’s 9th summer project with a partner community. In 2019, we will continue our partnership with Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN). Due to the location and history… Read more »

What it’s like to be a WAYK Intern

Interning: do anything and everything #forthelanguage! Explaining what it’s like to be a WAYK intern is no easy task. To be perfectly honest, I really had no idea what I was in for when I boarded the plane that would take me to St. Paul Island, Alaska. Even once I figured out what I was… Read more »

  • WAYK Mandarin Chinese

    Here’s player David Edwards, at Stanford University, sharing Mandarin with a friend for the first time. It’s a lot of fun to watch, and with subtitles too! Keep in mind we’ve never played with David, which makes it all the more fun to follow the game. We’re always really excited when we see video of… Read more »

  • 20. “Contract” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    In the midst of play, you or another fluency hunter spots a way to accelerate the learning environment. You enshrine it as a technique by giving it a catchy name, and contract it as part of play from now on. Culture is an agreement between two or more people. One of the major goals of… Read more »

  • 19. “Bite-sized Pieces” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    In order to keep players fluently participating in the game, you ensure all new information emerges in bite-sized pieces. Q: “How do you eat an elephant?” A: “One bite at a time.” Massively complex skills or projects are almost effortless when tackled one bite at a time. Once you’ve learned this technique, you’ll begin to… Read more »

  • 18. “My Turn/Your Turn” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    While fluency hunting, you constantly double check your sense of the accent in play through my turn/your turn, maintaining a back and forth rhythm between yourself, your fellow players, and your fluent fool. Everything honest is a conversation. There are countless examples of alternating flows in the natural world. Back and forth exchanges are a… Read more »

  • 17. “You Go First” (Modeling) – Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    While fluency hunting, you want to share a technique with another player. To demonstrate its value and context, you go first, applying it in play. Later, you see your fellow player is ready to absorb another bite-sized piece of improved accent – so, you go first, modeling the accent you want to transmit. Lead from… Read more »

  • Yiddish Language Hunt

    [vimeo=20128505] Here you can see Willem hunting Yiddish language for the first time, with the help of fluent speaker Selma Zack, in February 2011. Just moments before the video starts, Willem has begun by asking Selma, “How do you say ‘What is that?’”. Almost all of the rest of the language hunt is spent immersed… Read more »

  • 16. “Just in Time” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    You are fluency hunting a skill comprised of uncountable bite-sized pieces, with the option of using and sharing hundreds of accelerating techniques. Yet this doesn’t overwhelm you, because you always bring up new information just in time. Information and ability is acquired most deeply and rapidly at the moment of its greatest relevance. If you… Read more »

  • WAYK: A Mental Martial-Art

    Over the past couple years, as we’ve been working to share WAYK with a larger audience, we’ve collected a lot of feedback on how to present the game. One piece of feedback, that we’ve received many times, has to do with WAYK itself. It runs something like this: “Do I have to learn sign language… Read more »

  • 15. “Mumble” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    You may have hunted dozens of skills and languages – or none. But no matter what, every time you sit down with a new fluent fool to fluency hunt their skill, you will always start at the beginning, by copy-catting, and mumble your way to fluency. Attaining excellence requires you first embrace foolishness. Perfection is… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Irish language (Gaeilge) 4

    [vimeo=20063545] Here’s the fourth video in the series, which covers the third persons, He/She. It’s worth noting that, as always, we are applying tq mumble to leading a game in Irish – this is not perfect, fluent adult Irish, of any accent. But it is the Irish game that any new game leader will be… Read more »

  • 14. “Accent” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    You want to hunt a target skill, so therefore you need to find a fluent fool. You choose the fluent fool according to the accent you’re hunting, or simply accept their particular accent as your target. “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Irish Language (Gaeilge) 3

    [vimeo=19914532] Here’s the third video in the Irish language series. Remember, you’ll need to start with the first video, and for most folks, completing the WAYK tutorial beforehand is a must. In this video we play through Craig’s Lists Give/Take and For/if/and. It’s worth noting that, as always, we are applying tq mumble to leading… Read more »

  • April 1st-3rd: WAYK workshop in Seattle area

    The good folks at SolutionsIQ are partnering with us to bring you our first public workshop in a while. Please check out the event details  and register for the April workshop at the SolutionsIQ Agile Learning Center. Register now for an early bird discount! Though this workshop will apply to all experienced levels, returning WAYK… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Irish Language (Gaeilge) 2

    [vimeo=19905263] Here’s the second video in our Irish Language series. Start with the first one. In order to take advantage of videos like this, you’ll need to have mastered the WAYK tutorial or played a WAYK game before. It’s worth noting that, as always, we are applying tq mumble to leading a game in Irish… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Irish Language (Gaeilge) 1

    [vimeo=19896067] For anyone who has either been to a WAYK workshop, language night, or mastered the WAYK tutorial, you can copy-cat along with this video and learn some Irish language, known in America as Irish Gaelic, and in Ireland as Irish or Gaeilge.   You may note that we haven’t completely made up our mind… Read more »

  • 13. “Same Conversation” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    You’re fluency hunting a fluent fool,  and choose the most common activity in that skill to start at the beginning with the simplest level of performance, that first bite-sized piece. For the context you find it in, and driven by a few of your favorite things, you create a set-up and build a same conversation… Read more »

  • 12. “How Fascinating!” – the Top 20 Techniques of WAYK

    You’re fluency hunting, and to maintain game flow and momentum, you call “How Fascinating!” every time you or another player gets stuck or struggles. You also call “How Fascinating!” to celebrate learning milestones as they whiz by. “Out beyond right doing, and wrong doing, there is a field – I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi… Read more »

  • WAYK ASL with RaVen Sequoia, Deaf ASL educator

    [vimeo=19727433] In this video, you’ll see Willem mentoring RaVen in WAYK game play over Skype videoconferencing, in exchange for mentoring in ASL. Willem and RaVen are probably signing too fast for beginners to learn – but for ASL educators this video provides a good example of how to apply the game to American Sign Language…. Read more »

  • 11. “Signing” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

    You’re fluency hunting with fellow players. In order to rapidly communicate team strategies in the form of techniques, you are all signing. You’re hunting a target language from your fluent fool, so you boost obviously! by using signing as a bridge language to carrying and remembering the spoken language. Gesture is likely the oldest and… Read more »

  • Fluency Fiddling with Michael Ismerio

    [vimeo = 19478895] In this video Willem Larsen sits down with Michael Ismerio, old time music fiddler and workshop leader, to discuss his recent workshop that they both boosted with an array of carefully chosen WAYK techniques. WAYK is a design system for generating and improving accelerated learning environments, not just a language fluency game!… Read more »