Here’s the fourth video in the series, which covers the third persons, He/She.

It’s worth noting that, as always, we are applying tq mumble to leading a game in Irish – this is not perfect, fluent adult Irish, of any accent. But it is the Irish game that any new game leader will be leading for new players that come to Irish night.

Any mangling of Irish accent or language is on us as language hunters, not due to our fluent speaker Bob!

And yet being willing to chew through the first sounds and conversation in Irish is part of being a highly skilled language hunter –  it will always be this way, for every new language we hunt.

Written by Evan Gardner



Every single one of your videos are useful. There is always something to learn because of the many levels going on at the same time.
Thank you so much for your work (play).
You are on to something BIG…


I have tried free on-line translations and pashre pages and YouTube videos for pronunciation but its very limited. I am in a small eastern Minnesota town with extremely limited resources. I am on a VA disability so a fixed income also limits what I can do.

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