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Pedagogy Rusticatio with WAYK

We are pleased to share a gorgeous new video by Sky Hopinka, WAYK team member and a truly stellar filmmaker. Sky’s film is about how classroom teachers can strengthen one… Read more »

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Why WAYK Works

You probably already knew that raw intellect isn’t enough to learn a language. Ever tried memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules? You might pass a test, but try having a conversation…. Read more »

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Submit Your Stories!

This is Sky Hopinka here. Long time no see. Keeping on top of blog posts has been a challenge, and something that we’ve discussed at great length. So we’re going… Read more »

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The WAYK/Squamish Language Team Project

Evan Gardner and I recently returned to Portland, OR after being hosted in Vancouver, B.C. for three nights by Dustin Rivers, a Squamish Nation member, traditional artist, and community organizer… Read more »

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WAYK Lojban!

I knew we’d forget some amazing stuff – Alan Post, host of our first New Mexico workshop, has applied WAYK not only to Spanish, but to the conlang (constructed language)… Read more »

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WAYK Links Round-up

Here’s a run down of links, by folks who’ve played (or played with) the fluency game. The most recent, by Joel Shempert, an attendee of our February Portland Workshop (a… Read more »