Here’s a run down of links, by folks who’ve played (or played with) the fluency game.

The most recent, by Joel Shempert, an attendee of our February Portland Workshop (a private, experimental affair, if you wonder why you hadn’t heard of it):

Where Are Your Keys? In my brain, that’s where.

James Brown, of Blankshield Press, wrote this about a session he ran:

Yes, I want your candy

George Dinwiddie’s blog on the fluency model applied towards Agile Software Development:

Proficiency and Fluency in Self-Organization

and also his commentary on the “How Fascinating” technique:

How Fascinating!

Jay Bazuzi’s great description of the WAYK game system:

What is “Where are your Keys”?

and his amazing short video of the game played with his arabic-speaking (Palestinian christian dialect) grandmother:

WAYK Arabic 1 – What’s That?

A conversation on Boing about WAYK:

Where Are Your Keys? A language fluency game

Jeremy Lightsmith’s game of WAYK at the Seattle Lean meetup:

Let’s Play “Where Are Your Keys?”

And that’s about it! Please give us a head’s up if I missed any blogging you’ve done out there on the fluency game.

Written by Evan Gardner