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Technique: Lie to Me

Imagine you are doing a lesson that might only be true for some people in your group. For example, if you are leading a lesson on brothers and sisters, and… Read more »

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Blending WAYK and Tandem Language Learning

This post explores how blending Where Are Your Keys techniques into a tandem language learning model could support and improve learning. Due to the number of WAYK Techniques I will… Read more »

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Technique: Mumble

Technique: Mumble In the movie Finding Nemo an adventurous young fish wishes to break free from the strict world his father constructed under the reef. During a school field trip,… Read more »

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The Best Part of Myles’ Summer 2017

My favorite part of the WAYK Summer Language Intensive on St. Paul Island has been getting to witness an amazing team of young people who are taking language revitalization into… Read more »

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Introducing the WAYKcast!

We are happy to share the first episode of season one of the WAYKcast, a new podcast from WAYK about language revitalization, language learning, and Where Are Your Keys. In… Read more »

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Birds of St. Paul Island

This year the WAYK Summer Language Intensive is taking place on St. Paul Island, Alaska (Tanax̂ Amix̂ in Unangam Tunuu), nicknamed the “Galapagos of the North”, a name true to… Read more »

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There Is No Why

Cedar Edwards has worked with WAYK at several summer revitalization programs. They work as a software engineer in New York City and spends most of their time pulling language from… Read more »

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VIDEO: Irish Language (Gaeilge) 1

[vimeo=19896067] For anyone who has either been to a WAYK workshop, language night, or mastered the WAYK tutorial, you can copy-cat along with this video and learn some Irish language,… Read more »