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Building a Curriculum: Milestones and the Fluency Freeway

One of the most useful things that I have worked on during my summer with WAYK that I will bring back with me to help with my own languages is a “Fluency Freeway.” In its basic form, a Fluency Freeway is a long sheet of paper taped on a wall that keeps track of all… Read more »

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The Squamish Universal Speed Curriculum

The “Universal Speed Curriculum” is a way of transcribing the core WAYK conversation, designed to go up to “want/have/give/take” transactional conversation in the target language. We have several examples of this online; the original English version, Estonian, and Spanish. Dustin Rivers has been hard at work, improving the Squamish language Universal Speed Curriculum (USC) with… Read more »

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Estonian Universal Speed Curriculum

Now we’re talking! WAYK community member Priit emailed us from his home country of Estonia recently, announcing he’s finished an Estonian Universal Speed Curriculum. This brings us to four USC, one in Estonian, one in Chinuk Wawa, one in Squamish Language, and the one Billy James Ulibarri and Walter Duran made in Spanish. Honestly folks:… Read more »

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“Same Conversations”: the WAYK Curriculum

The WAYK toolkit doesn’t provide a preset curriculum for any particular language; it provides the tools for generating this curriculum. In a sense, for us, “curriculum” has become somewhat of a dirty word, because of its conventional connotation as a prepared-materials-heavy, top-down, mostly static delivery of subject matter. But, we have to admit, the WAYK… Read more »

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El Currículo Rápido Universal: Translating the “Universal Speed Curriculum”

First, if you don’t already know, check out the original Universal Speed Curriculum for some background. Billy James Ulibarri and Walter Duran, two fluency game players introduced to the game at the Sunflower River Farm workshop, just sent us their Spanish translation of the Universal Speed Curriculum. Keeping in mind that you’ll want a Spanish… Read more »

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The WAYK “Universal Speed Curriculum”

I plan to make a free downloads page somewhere on the site, and to kick it off, I thought I’d post up Evan’s “Universal Speed Curriculum”, a conversational curriculum composed of English questions and answers, between two people. So, how do you use the “USC”? Essentially, you’ll recognize in it the base conversation occurring in… Read more »