First, if you don’t already know, check out the original Universal Speed Curriculum for some background.

Billy James Ulibarri and Walter Duran, two fluency game players introduced to the game at the Sunflower River Farm workshop, just sent us their Spanish translation of the Universal Speed Curriculum.

Keeping in mind that you’ll want a Spanish language speaker in order to fully flesh out moving through the game, you now have a great opportunity to see a written example of piggy-backing a spoken language onto the signing used in WAYK.

We really encourage folks to grab the base Universal Speed Curriculum and put it to work, translating it into your target language. And if you’ve done so, please share it with us, so everybody can benefit!

Check out the Learn WAYK Now! page for an idea of how the USC fits into the overall flow of the game.

Thanks again and kudos to Billy and Walter.

Written by Evan Gardner


Jay Bazuzi

Wow, that’s awesome: Previously, I had a handful of Spanish words I didn’t know what to do with. Now I can have a conversation. Gracias!

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