Now we’re talking!

WAYK community member Priit emailed us from his home country of Estonia recently, announcing he’s finished an Estonian Universal Speed Curriculum. This brings us to four USC, one in Estonian, one in Chinuk Wawa, one in Squamish Language, and the one Billy James Ulibarri and Walter Duran made in Spanish.

Honestly folks: this is why we get up in the morning, to see people using WAYK just like this. Use the game! Use it to save and revitalize your heritage languages, and also to share your heritage with others. Turn the speaking of your language by new learners, from a drudgery in an institutional classroom, to the easy joy of personal conversation, so familiar to you as a native speaker.

If you feel you need a better grounding in WAYK, please invite Evan and I to come do a workshop where you live (or come to the one we’re holding in San Francisco April 12 and 13).

A thousand thank yous to Priit!

Written by Evan Gardner