What if by changing how communities teach themselves, we could completely turn around the worldwide crisis that endangered languages face?

The WAYK system is a comprehensive method for revitalizing endangered languages and skills. Endangered languages are languages on the precipice, with only a handful of speakers left as a result of colonization, and the impact of modern economic culture. They are the languages for which every hour and every day counts as elderly speakers slip away. We are in the middle of a generation of tremendous language loss. This is happening right now.

Evan Gardner, the originator of WAYK, designed it as an answer to these challenging issues of language revitalization, where every second counts. Because of this, the WAYK system has come to be the most rapid and effective tool that we know of for learning any language, endangered or not. The series of Techniques that WAYK employs invites any language learner, any language teacher, anyone willing to play, to contribute to the system. By engaging a community, we hope to strengthen a community, as languages cannot survive without a community in which they can live.

“By learning, you will teach. By teaching you will learn” is a proverb that we hold true to. The creation and nurturing of students who are in fact teachers creates an explosive means for exponential growth in communities who are trying to improve their language or revitalize it.