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Strengthen the Grassroots Learning Community Where You Live

Evan Gardner can help revitalize a grassroots, village-centered learning culture for yourself, your family, and your hometown.

Though an initial accelerator for spreading the game, in the end, the medium of the internet will always finally limit how fast we can learn “Where Are Your Keys?”, and how deeply. We invite you to benefit from the added power of personal mentoring, perhaps the most fundamental “technique” of the fluency game.

Host A Workshop

1st visit – 1 day workshop, talk and demonstration. Fee: $480, plus travel and expenses.


7am Setup for workshop.
9am Introduction.
9:30am the “Big Game”, concentric circles of players, as seen in the Sunflower River Farm workshop.
10:00am Breakout groups, self-sufficient play of the game in 20min rotating blocks, mentored by Evan.
12:00pm Lunch
1pm Another round of the “Big Game”.
2pm Breakout groups.
3pm Discussion of other applications of the Fluency Game.
4pm Final Q&A with Evan.

2nd visit – 2 day workshop, apply your fluency game skills to your target language (you’ll need to have your own fluent speaker; the more the better, and no teaching experience required). Fee: $900, plus travel and expenses.

Day One Schedule:

Same as the 1 day program above – refresher for the game, technique fine-tuning, informed Q&A.

Day Two Schedule:

9am Introduction
9:30am the “Big Game” with sign, but in the target language grammar.
10:00am Developing techniques for the target language.
12:00pm Lunch
Honing the target language technique bundle, and game flow.
2pm Breakout groups; self-sufficient play in target language. Rotating 20 minute sessions.
3pm Break to avoid brains melting.
4pm Q&A with Evan and discussion of next steps.

3rd visit – 3 day weekend workshop, maximizing momentum in a target language, mobilizing the emergent properties of community learning. We design the 3 day workshop in collaboration with the observed needs of the community we’ve worked with. Fee: $1300, plus travel and expenses.

Contact us for information on workshop logistics, and financial help.

Other Personal Mentoring Tools

-SKYPE/video GCHAT/etc.: $40/hr. Get some friends together to make this more affordable if you have a tight budget.
-Email: support via email is our gift to you. Please email us with any questions you have, whereareyourkeys at gmail dot com. Also make as much use of the blog as you can – post comments, questions, etc.

Small group classes and Presentations
-Email us for details.

Written by Evan Gardner


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