We are happy to share the first episode of season one of the WAYKcast, a new podcast from WAYK about language revitalization, language learning, and Where Are Your Keys. In each episode, Sky Hopinka will talk with members of the WAYK team and the wider WAYK community. Episodes will focus on broad and focused questions about language acquisition and on developing communities of teachers and learners, as well as questions about specific WAYK Techniques and how to use them.

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Show Notes:

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of WAYK’s new podcast: the WAYKcast! It’s been many years since the last WAYK podcast (2011!) and much has happened that we’re excited to share. The new WAYKcast is intended to be a resource for anyone interested in learning more about Where Are Your Keys as a language learning/teaching/revitalization method. Beyond that, we hope that provides an opportunity to discuss common questions about language revitalization as well as a space for connecting with the wider WAYK community.

In this first episode, Sky checks in with Evan and Susanna about where in the world the WAYK team is. Evan shares about learning the word “itinerant” and Sky’s makes an assessment that Evan and Susanna are “bad at emails.” The question of the week is “Why go to different communities? Why does WAYK travel to communities instead of people coming to a central WAYK location for training?” In answering, Evan and Susanna talk about the value of traveling to communities and engaging in long-term relationships and on-site projects.

Sky chooses a “Technique of the Week” which is Technique: Party Boat. After a brief overview of what WAYK Techniques are, Evan delves further into TQ: Party Boat and the importance of creating momentum for a language project/program/movement, even if it feels artificial at first.

Let us know what you think of the WAYKcast’s launch! Send any questions to podcast@whereareyourkeys.org or tweet at us with the hashtag #WAYKcastquestion. We’ll do our best to address questions in future episodes of the WAYKcast.

WAYK Techniques Mentioned in this Episode:

TQ: Party Boat
TQ: Get the Party Started
Check out the WAYK Techniques Glossary for more!

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The first season of the WAYKcast will run through the winter of 2018 and we’ll be releasing new episodes every other Tuesday, starting July 10th!

Written by Evan Gardner