Summer Intensive Expectations: 2020 Update

Here you will find the 2020 Summer Intensive expectations for WAYK team members who will be joining the project at Tsleil-Waututh Nation in North Vancouver, BC. We want to be clear and transparent with applicants about what WAYK expects from them and what they can expect in return. What you can expect as a summer… Read more »

WAYK Summer Intensive Schedule: 2020 Update

It can be hard to imagine what a language revitalization summer looks like, but working to keep a language vital is a full-time endeavor. Here’s an updated look at what to expect from the WAYK Summer Intensive schedule in 2020. As with any program centered around language learning, it’s essential that we have daily contact… Read more »

WAYK Summer Team Frequently Asked Questions: 2020 Update

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common questions we get about WAYK Summer Language Intensive projects and the internship/volunteer positions we offer. We hope that anyone who’s interested in applying to join a summer project with WAYK can find the answer to some of their burning questions below. If you have… Read more »

Call for WAYK 2020 Summer Team!

This summer, we are once again fortunate to offer summer positions on the WAYK team during the 2020 Summer Language Intensive. These positions are sponsored by our host community, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, located in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia. Participating in a WAYK summer project is one of the best ways to be fully immersed in… Read more »

Announcing WAYK’s 2020 Summer Intensive: North Vancouver, British Columbia!

WAYK is very excited to announce—after months (and years!) of planning with the host community—that our 2020 Summer Intensive will once again take place in North Vancouver, British Columbia! This will be WAYK’s 10th summer project with a partner community. In 2020, we will continue our partnership with Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN). Due to the location… Read more »

What it’s like to be a WAYK Intern

Interning: do anything and everything #forthelanguage! Explaining what it’s like to be a WAYK intern is no easy task. To be perfectly honest, I really had no idea what I was in for when I boarded the plane that would take me to St. Paul Island, Alaska. Even once I figured out what I was… Read more »

  • Meet the 2019 Summer Language Intensive Team

    We are delighted to welcome 4 new team members to the 2019 Summer Language Intensive in North Vancouver, British Columbia. These visitors, and the project as a whole, are able to join us thanks to the generous support of Tsleil-Waututh Nation, our partner for this year’s Summer Language Intensive. Years of planning have gone into… Read more »

  • What Makes You Full?

    The “What makes you full?” activity is invaluable for a group that will be working closely for a period of time. Past intern Robyn introduced it to Evan and Susanna, and they introduced it to this year’s visiting team, who are here on St. Paul Island for the summer of 2017. What do we mean… Read more »

  • Why Non-Indigenous Alaskans Need to Care about Indigenous Languages

    Note from Myles: This post is directed towards Alaskan readers of the WAYK blog.  In 2014, 20 Indigenous languages were made official languages of the State of Alaska. For many Indigenous speakers and learners, this was an important shift in Alaska’s history. This act is just a small piece of a larger movement that is… Read more »

  • The Ultimate Turkish Hunting Kit

    The challenge of designing the ultimate Turkish hunting kit has captured the obsessive part of my brain for the last week. What is a “hunting kit,” you ask? It’s a collection of objects carefully chosen to introduce a language to a learner. One example is the Unangam Tunuu hunting kit. In one of our first… Read more »

  • Technique: Lie to Me

    Imagine you are doing a lesson that might only be true for some people in your group. For example, if you are leading a lesson on brothers and sisters, and several of your learners are only children, how do you include them into the activity? Although it might not be true that they have “one… Read more »

  • View of St. Paul Island

    Hiking Trip & Interview with Marjorie

    When I first learned about Where Are Your Keys, and that they offer summer internships in Unangax̂ Territory, I was really excited. I am an Unangax̂ that grew up away from my homelands, and I saw this an opportunity to learn my language, visit my homelands for the first time, and build stronger relationships with other… Read more »

  • Rachel Offers Robbie a Fish or a Flower

    Hunting Quechua in Alaska

    It’s about time that I shared one of my big plusses from my 2017 Summer Intensive experience: “hunting” Quechua, thanks to Rachel Sprouse. It makes learning to hunt a lot more real for me since Quechua is a language I’ve been trying to learn (on and off) since 2013. My first link to Indigenous languages in the Americas was… Read more »

  • Blending WAYK and Tandem Language Learning

    This post explores how blending Where Are Your Keys techniques into a tandem language learning model could support and improve learning. Due to the number of WAYK Techniques I will reference, I will assume you have some familiarity or can access the technique glossary and other blog posts on the website. In tandem language learning,… Read more »

  • Technique: Mumble

    Technique: Mumble In the movie Finding Nemo an adventurous young fish wishes to break free from the strict world his father constructed under the reef. During a school field trip, he escapes and swims into the open ocean. Nemo eventually gets lost and finds himself in Australia. Without the support of adults, Nemo has to rely… Read more »

  • Fluency Freeway Extreme Close Up

    Building a Curriculum: Milestones and the Fluency Freeway

    One of the most useful things that I have worked on during my summer with WAYK that I will bring back with me to help with my own languages is a “Fluency Freeway.” In its basic form, a Fluency Freeway is a long sheet of paper taped on a wall that keeps track of all… Read more »

  • Four (Language) Fairies Worth Killing

    One of my favorite things about WAYK is its desire to stay in immersion for as many minutes as possible by avoiding translation (e.g. TQ: Spare the Fairies). However, there were a few fairies that I gladly squished. Working with speakers (and partial speakers) of Tagalog who didn’t know the Techniques, and lacking the fluency… Read more »

  • The Road So Far

    After Kay joined us for a few weeks in North Vancouver, BC working with Tsleil-Waututh Nation and Songhees Nation, she returned to Chicago. Here’s an update! Before I left Vancouver, Evan and I crafted a detailed plan on how to get me fluent in Tagalog. Having a fluent speaker in my house—who was a really… Read more »

  • Madeline’s Reflections on the Summer

    Madeline Snigaroff, who joined the team for the 2018 Summer Intensive in Anchorage sent us this update in November.  It’s been four months since I left Anchorage, and I now find myself in quite another world. College, distance, and busyness make it difficult to keep the active language-learning mindset that WAYK taught me over the summer, but… Read more »

  • Cameo Post: Meet Will Monroe (Again!)

    Will Monroe, who made a short cameo appearance in Anchorage for the 2018 Summer Intensive wrote about his summer experience in July 2018.  Aang, everyone! Will Monroe here, and I’m back in Alaska working with Where Are Your Keys for the second time. In 2013, WAYK introduced me to the Kodiak Alutiiq community. Since then, I have started… Read more »

  • Intro to WAYK Video Series

    Introduction to WAYK Video Series

    Time for some “new” videos! Back in 2015, Sky Hopinka made a terrific series of videos for Where Are Your Keys. This series was designed to be both an overview of the method and an entry point for anyone who was newly interested and wanted to learn more about WAYK.  We’ve been slow in publishing these videos,… Read more »

  • Robbie’s 2018 Update from Trevelin, Esquel, & Bariloche

    Here’s Robbie Penman’s update from the spring of 2018, several months after his summer with WAYK on St. Paul Island, Alaska. Thanks for the update, Robbie! In April, me and Caoife left Melipüllü, a.k.a. Puerto Montt (I’d been there for about three months, helping the local language revitalization team) for Argentina. We took a bit… Read more »

  • What I’ve Been Up To Since the WAYK Summer Internship

    Here’s Mary Leighton’s update from the winter of 2017, six months after her summer with WAYK on St. Paul Island, Alaska. Thanks for the update, Mary! The summer internship seems like a foggy dream from a long time ago – those long northern latitude days, the otherworldly flora and fauna, and the literal fog of… Read more »

  • Going Cold Jerky*: Outside of the WAYK Bubble

    Here’s Robbie Penman’s update from the fall of 2017, a few months after his summer with WAYK on St. Paul Island, Alaska. Thanks for the update, Robbie! *Jerky is one of the few Quechua words in English At the end of August 2017, I came back to the Ununited Kingdom (note to Susanna: that’s deliberate!)… Read more »

  • The Best Part of Myles’ Summer 2017

    My favorite part of the WAYK Summer Language Intensive on St. Paul Island has been getting to witness an amazing team of young people who are taking language revitalization into their own hands. I feel very lucky to have been able to learn from the Unangam Tunuu language team and to witness their many years… Read more »

  • Mary’s Favorite Thing from the 2017 Summer Language Intensive

    My favorite thing from the 2017 Summer Language Intensive on St. Paul Island was becoming more comfortable learning and teaching language in immersion, by which I mean staying in the target language and avoiding English. In the past, I tended to divide language learning and language use. There is an essay by Greg Thomson, “Leave… Read more »