You can play “Where Are Your Keys?” to learn to speak Lolcat too!


Written by Evan Gardner



Holy LOLcat Eric, you’re quick on the draw!

Yes, lolcats know all and see all. Haha. Oh, and I forgot: thanks to my friend Sarah for making this lolcat.


LSU isn’t my anything In fact, we were waincthg the game while waiting for our dinner to be ready and the little guy started chanting LSU stinks! My baby, I’m just so proud! And yes, LSU and their fans think quite highly of themselves, regardless of whether or not they have got the game to back up the big talk. Ole Miss actually has a pretty decent team, despite being the doormat of the SEC for a long time. Houston Nutt is a good coach and he could build a contender there. I loved that they totally could not manage to get a play off with a tick remaining on the clock. It’s not like you practice that sort of stuff or anything

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