Two of our interns: Sky Hopinka (Hochunk) on left, Norah Zaharakis (Greek) on right.

We’re now filling intern positions at WAYK; we rely on these volunteer interns to help us carry WAYK games deeper into the community, and develop the WAYK system further. Thanks to all our interns: David Edwards (a student at Stanford, helping with our Numu/Paiute language program this summer), Sky Hopinka (Hochunk and a student at PSU, helping with video), Norah Zaharakis (Greek, helping us further explore the connection between theater games and WAYK), and Ariel Margulies (Jewish, helping us develop our Yiddish language program).

Would you like to revitalize your heritage language? Become a language hunter? Help other communities revitalize their languages? Please contact us for more information on becoming an intern at WAYK:

Written by Evan Gardner