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Four (Language) Fairies Worth Killing

One of my favorite things about WAYK is its desire to stay in immersion for as many minutes as possible by avoiding translation (e.g. TQ: Spare the Fairies). However, there were a few fairies that I gladly squished. Working with speakers (and partial speakers) of Tagalog who didn’t know the Techniques, and lacking the fluency… Read more »

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WAYK Podcast, Episode 28: WAYK Eye on the Straight Guy

1 hour, 50 minutes, and 53 seconds. [direct download] Evan Gardner, Willem Larsen, Peter, and Joel interview each other on Chinuk Wawa Night (Chinook Jargon). Though this episode is almost two hours long, we really encourage you to  hang in there and soak it all up; many vital issues came up that should further illuminate… Read more »