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Robyn and Casey’s Language Adventure: Part S.E.A.L.

The hardest part of hunting Chinuk is easily the most rewarding at the same time – much like the three mile “marathon” going on next week that Sky has convinced me is worth doing for the t-shirt, if nothing else. Coming into the WAYK team already having spent a couple of years learning ASL has… Read more »

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11. “Signing” – the Top 20 WAYK Techniques

You’re fluency hunting with fellow players. In order to rapidly communicate team strategies in the form of techniques, you are all signing. You’re hunting a target language from your fluent fool, so you boost obviously! by using signing as a bridge language to carrying and remembering the spoken language. Gesture is likely the oldest and… Read more »

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“We’ll All Get There Together”: WAYK Chinuk Wawa Night

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zvGRVH7hJo&hl=en_US&fs=1] Scenes from a recent WAYK Chinuk Wawa Night. Note again the variety of conversation, from Novice to Advanced, and how different speaker-teachers wield (or don’t wield) sign language, depending on who’s involved, or on the lunatic fringe, of the conversation. The beginning, highly structured, novice-level WAYK conversations are there to teach technique use (“the… Read more »