This video shows what advanced WAYK looks like.  This is no longer the simple “What is That?” game.  Now that Evan and Sky are both seasoned WAYK players, they can push and pull language using a wide range of techniques although the untrained eye may not notice the high level of cooperation they employ.

The advanced stages of WAYK look like a casual conversation.  There isn’t a lot of technique throwing. There is also hardly any sign language. These techniques are still available to the players, but are no longer critical to the flow of information.  Now Sky and Evan just use the techniques on each other without any grand announcement.  They both know what the other is doing.  Sky and Evan have an expectation from each other that they will both do their upmost to   move as much linguistic structure and vocabulary as possible in this short and “casual” conversation.

Now we can really play!

Written by Evan Gardner



Nice Video. You confused me first because you used a glass for your coffee. I think it would be more Obvious if you were using a mug.
It is really interesting to see advanced play.
It looks like your conversation is flowing effortless. Where on the travel with charlie are you in Chinuk?

Are there some techniques you are using most at the novice level, like sign or TQ:In threes?

John Graham

Hi Evan! Missed you man!

I haven’t managed to see this video yet, but based on your comment and the videos with David:

This is different to what I imagined when you once said your dream was to be constantly running into people playing Where Are Your Keys, like you were in a pinball machine. I imagined everyone waving hands constantly signing ”What that?”, but it’s not that at all.

It’s more like a world full of people who can very rapidly get into rapport, establish a shared reality, and create something fun together.

If ”Where Are Your Keys makes friends”, then at the advanced stages, everywhere you turn are ”old friends who’ve just met”.

Paul Cason

When humanity can once again communicate across all boundaries we will have crossed the threshold into a new age of enlightenment can we use this for the good of humanity and make it trans-formative collectively will in the future become the question.

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