The ASL hand sign for "technical", and what we use for "Technique".

When explaining WAYK, we like to say, “There are a million specific ways to accelerate learning. We know 200.”

This month we’ll be blogging 20 accelerated learning techniques, one at a time. These techniques are also known as “the rules of the game”, that we share back and forth, and through which we hunt language and play WAYK.

The best way to learn WAYK is through play of the game. We intend these technique spotlights both as an introduction for those who haven’t yet played, and for experienced players, as a means to further understand the structure of the “rules” of the WAYK game.

Will the techniques we blog this month really be the “top” 20? It’s difficult to say. Most WAYK techniques operate like a network of interdependent tools; it’s difficult to pull one out without pulling out several brother or sister tools along with it. However, most of the techniques we blog will be “parent” techniques, core principles that continue to give birth to new “rules” through play.

We’d like to thank Christopher Alexander for pioneering the concept of “pattern languages” in his book “A Pattern Language“, and we were also inspired by Amr Elssamadisy for his formatting of patterns in his book Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success.

Written by Evan Gardner