Evan Gardner and Willem Larsen will be traveling to Vancouver, B.C., this June 5th and 6th, for a WAYK language revitalization training weekend amongst  a diverse community of B.C. First Nations. If you’ve wanted to learn the “Where Are Your Keys?” method of community mentoring, then this is your chance.

Registration for this 2 day event is only $50, so that as many people who want to come, can come, and support the revitalization of B.C. First Nation languages.

From the Save Your Language conference website:

“The major problems with language revival is that communities are not producing new teachers fast enough, and that for many no new generation of speakers are learning the language.  At this event, the special workshops, facilitators, and events will give communities and people the tools, methods, and processes to begin to save their language themselves, through community-led initiatives.  Past uses of this method have yielded unparalleled responses.  Within just a couple years, languages began to turn around with new fluent speakers taking place.”

For more information, visit the “Save Your Language” conference website. We invite “Where Are Your Keys?” fans, players, and community members of all kinds to come help us make this conference an amazing experience.

Register now!

Written by Evan Gardner