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Koyukon Language Training Media Coverage

Here’s a little piece of local media coverage of a WAYK workshop in Anchorage, Alaska:,0,4740891.story

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Will Monroe: Summer Intern

Cama’i, everyone! My name’s Will, and I’m the newest addition to the Where Are Your Keys intern crowd. I’m in Kodiak with Julia, working with the Alutiiq language community. This is my first time spending an entire summer on a WAYK project, but I’ve actually been working with Evan for a few years, since shortly… Read more »

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What “Where Are Your Keys?” Did for Me.

After spending 5 weeks with Evan, while he was working with my language community, the opportunity came up. Evan asked me if I would like to go with him to the Unangax Language workshop in Anchorage. So I asked him “Well what do you think I will gain from it?” He replied “Hard to say”…. Read more »