Here’s another reminder concerning our San Francisco workshop coming up in just under two weeks. We still have spots available! We as yet have no other public workshops on the schedule for the rest of this year.

Last time we did a workshop in San Francisco (actually in Pleasanton, a nearby suburb) we had a fantastic time being hosted by Elisabeth Hendrickson’s Agilistry Studio team.

We also discovered that in a two day WAYK immersion environment, we could run bigger experiments and take things much farther than we expected.

We run many one, two, and four hour WAYK sessions, and though they do deliver a “wow!” factor and start players on the “language hunter” journey, nothing compares to what we can accomplish when we sit down for two full days and play till our developing “language hunters” begin to express the WAYK priniciples and techniques on a cellular level.

If you want to get the techniques and principles of WAYK into your bones, and bring them home with you, nothing beats attending our as yet only planned public workshop this year.

We aim for nothing less than fluency in teaching/learning excellence.

Please check out the Agilistry Studio website for more info.

A few details on the workshop:

What: 2 days of training in leading the “Where Are Your Keys?” fluency game and discussion on applying the mentoring techniques to languages along with your particular skill domains.

Where: Agilistry Studio in Pleasanton, CA (SF area)

When: April 12-13, 2010
Instructors: Willem Larsen and Evan Gardner

Cost: $495
Register Here

Written by Evan Gardner