For August and September, we have three different WAYK events coming up.
We are actively seeking experienced WAYK players to back
us up at these events, as we spoke about in the “Please Return WAYK Players”podcast.

We place a priority on filling the workshops with Native American/First Nation attendees seeking to learn the WAYK method to support endangered language revitalization, though all are welcome. New players without an endangered heritage language focus are encouraged to attend the Seattle workshop, but will still be welcome at any of our events.

August 24th-30th, Bellingham, WA: Unangax (Aleut) Language Revival and WAYK
training. 7 days of intense game play!

September 4th-5th, Seattle, WA:  Open WAYK Workshop for all levels of
players. Recommended for new players.

September 10, 11, 12, Sechelt, B.C.: Sechelt Language Revival and WAYK

Contact us for more information about any of these events,, and keep your eyes open for updates on registration information as we have it.

Written by Evan Gardner