Planning the next move.

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Recorded July 28th, 2011

In this episode, the overarching theme is getting everyone to manage their Full levels and really examine why we are here.  We’ve reached a point in the program where the facilitation techniques and methods of WAYK are being handed off to the students and we all need to reassess our roles and how we can continue to grow and contribute to the group.  Enjoy this episode! And please let us know if there is any part of the post that needs clarifying.


We begin the podcast talking about an experience with one of the students running a bucket on their own and owning the ride


The Great Race

In the Afternoon, we had three teams attempt to get through as many of the rides as possible, starting at the beginning, in a half an hour in order to find holes in the language and see who is strongest in which ride.


Unfilling by running rides

We talk about the way Leanne described becoming unfull by running the rides and the discussion shifts to ways in which they can unfill and return to the language.


Why are we here?

Earlier in the morning, we had a group activity discussing our reasoning’s for being involved in the program, and here we discuss the outcome of that.  The group was broken into three buckets, with a facilitators bucket for Evan, Sky, and David, while April facilitated the activity.  The main topic we discussed during that activity, was “leave if you don’t want to be here.”


Perfect timing

Shirley, Verleen, and Gerald come in during the end of the activity and are concerned that something might be wrong.  They join us and each of them goes around and tells the kids how proud they are of them, of the work that they are doing and how far they’ve come in the language.  (We don’t discuss what was said by the three Numu teachers in great detail, but it had a very positive impact on the whole group and was a sort of catalyst for The Great Race that took place in the afternoon.)


Building the “Full” muscle

We move to the dinner table and Evan brings up difficulties some of the students have with calling full on themselves and after a mid-program assessment on Techiniques, a desire to explore the Techniques further.


Bringing in guests

A topic during the past few weeks was bringing in guests to learn what we had been doing.  John plans on bringing in his cousin Nick, who knows sign language.


Y’all are lapping me

Evan talks about how he is being lapped in the language by everyone.  He talks about how that is a good feeling for him because other people are being trained in WAYK and making it work.


How can I hunt faster?

David asks Evan how can he hunt faster, and Evan answers, “build a pack of hunters.” April then tells of her experiences in hunting and sharing her language with Shirley.


What’s the lunchroom going to be like?

Sky tells of how earlier in the day, Walter and John were excited to speak Numu at the high school.  Also, there is a change in some of the student’s attitudes towards the program.


The Con Game

In order to hunt for where/under/above/inside in Numu, David uses the three cups and plays the old street side “Con Game” with Shirley and a dollar bill.  He gets a lot of mileage out of the game and tells how the game went and all the extra language he is getting out of it.


It’s all rigged

Evan talks about how, really, WAYK is all rigged through the use of Set-Up.


A little faux pas

David is concerned he made a slight cultural faux pas earlier in the day, but Evan fills us in on the rest of the context, and really, it wasn’t so bad.


How the day turned out

We talk of the outcome of the day and our hopes for the upcoming weeks and managing Full levels.

Written by Evan Gardner