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For many months the WAYK team has been working on compiling the master list of TQs into a single glossary complete with explanations and visuals. At long last, we are ready to announce launch of this glossary!

Our goal is to have a succinct but useable explanation for all of the 280 TQs that are now on our master list (a list that is constantly growing and changing, thanks to your input). We also are working to have a GIF illustrating the hand sign for all TQs that have a sign language shorthand. Although right now, you will only find about 100 TQs in the glossary (not all of which have an accompanying image yet), we hope that the TQ Glossary will eventually serve as the definitive resource for WAYK TQs. We are hard at work completing more TQ descriptions and creating the GIFs to illustrate them, so please check back frequently to find additional TQs.

Special thanks to our team, especially Caylie Gnyra, Susanna Ciotti, Sky Hopinka, and David Edwards!

Written by Evan Gardner