This September 23, 24, and 25, Evan Gardner and Willem Larsen will be holding a WAYK workshop at Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, Wyoming.

Wyoming Catholic College

Believe it or not, Latin still has a living tradition of daily conversational vitality, as carried through the centuries in the church and monasteries. Latin is the official language of the Vatican, the sovereign catholic city-state in Rome. However, like many languages today, Latin is struggling, with a handful of fluent speakers left. We have partnered with Nancy Llewellyn of Wyoming Catholic College to bring WAYK to the campus and see if we can’t create a vital Latin speech community in Lander, WY, where the WCC campus resides. Can you imagine – the two centers of fluent daily conversational life in Latin: the Vatican, and Lander, WY?

Well, we can imagine it, and over this next year we will do everything we can to make it a reality. Contact Nancy Llewellyn at WCC for more information:

Here’s a link to the WAYK Latin workshop page at Wyoming Catholic College.

Written by Evan Gardner


Corina Treece

I would like more information about this. Do you have to attend the WY conference to learn more about this? I have been teaching Latin for a few years, but in no way can I speak it fluently. Is this online source for learning to speak Latin?


Yes, currently the only source for learning fluent latin using WAYK is at the Wyoming workshop. Our host, Nancy Llewellyn, is being extremely generous asking for a minimal donation. We hope to see you there!


Ha! This is awesome! A friend of mine has started using WAYK to build up speaking proficiency with his Latin class!


I’m trying WAYK this year with my online Latin classes (three levels) and with one “in person” class. The highest levels jumped right in; first day went very well. We’re also videotaping it (online classroom won’t record video for us), so I may have videos to share at some point. Thank you for this excellent learning tool! 🙂


That’s so exciting to hear, Karen – and I’m very excited to see your videos.

Karen Karppinen

Sorry that I forgot to do this last spring! I will post some when I have the new group past the first phase. But I do have the script for the entire first level (the ~1h30m video on the bottom of your front page) written out in Latin, if anyone would like it. Perhaps I can post a link to it, if you do want it. 🙂

Karen Karppinen

I can’t see how to post a Word doc, so I’ll email it to the contact email address on this site, and perhaps they can post a link to it. It’s in some sense a transcript of the WAYK introductory video, but the Latin vocab is highlighted yellow, and the levels I’ve broken it down into are marked in green. We vary a little in the higher levels.

Side note: I had a group of 5-10 year olds last year who played WAYK in Latin maybe once/week for 15 minutes last year. (We just did the levels I’ve marked 1 and 2.) We reconvened recently, with them having done NO review at all for 6 months, and they all (8 of them) remembered everything – nobody missed a beat. Neat!!!!

I need to add further levels and fill in the last levels that are only outlined, without vocab given. “Quid inest in saccO” is our own invention, but since I teach online, it works very well w/webcams. (I email the kids a list of items to put in a “WAYK kit” to keep near their computer – rock, string, small paper, coin, tennis ball, etc.)

OH, drat, and I need to get a video of us playing, too. I’ll keep that in mind for spring semester!
I may be able to get video of a big group of students playing in person in April; we’ll see.


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