With the help of Jason and everyone at the Watershed Clinic we ran a game in Cantonese a few weeks back.

This video runs almost an hour, and starts with a “no pressure refresher” WAYK game just in sign with some discussion about techniques and play. For those really excited to just see the Cantonese in play, cue the video to 27:25.


Written by Evan Gardner


Jay Bazuzi

I’ve been waiting on this until I could give it my full attention. Apparently I misjudged, and only managed to get the first 26 minutes. I’ve learned a bunch more WAYK already, which is awesome. I’m excited about both learning a little Cantonese and learning about WAYK for a new spoken language.

I sure wish the image was a lot clearer. My eyes get tired in the grainy picture. Looks like an HD camcorder is pricey, though. 🙁

Will watch more later. And then rewatch. Etc.



Our vimeo video account limits uploads to 500mb or less; the HD version of this counted at 800mb. We have a better quality picture, we just can’t upload it quite yet. I feel for your strained eyes. We’ll probably upgrade our account soon 1 GB loads.


could you include a ticker of the new language words when its first said? (how its enunciated/pronounced) I cannot seem to pick up what is being said exactly… “NI-GO HA-ME-YA?”


i think its just the sound quality of the video. im sure its easier to pick up the words if i could hear it in person


We intended this video to demonstrate more “how to teach spoken language” with the fluency game (we kept getting that question, folks didn’t understand how the spoken language layered onto the sign), rather than a video purposed to teach Cantonese.

Rather than trying to pick up Cantonese from this video with unfortunately bad audio and video quality (still working on our vlogging setup!), grab yourself a Cantonese speaker, sit them down, and use your WAYK skills on ’em.

For more info on this: http://whereareyourkeys.wordpress.com/learn-wayk-now/

We still have a few months to go before we can offer videos of sufficient quality that you could pick up the language by watching them (besides the ASL/Pidgin signed English that permeates most of the videos – though you might struggle picking exact hand signs out, too).

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