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We thought we’d share another video of “the Walk”.

In this video you’ll see 7 year-old Jackson playing along with us on “the Walk”. Though for this “Walk”, you’ll only see one youngster, Evan runs this same walk with large groups of young children at other events besides Chinuk night. Keep in mind, by learning language with WAYK, young Jackson is instantly becoming trilingual – English, Chinuk Wawa, and sign language (PSE). Pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.

Children are sponges; in the beginning, they are a rambunctious “lunatic fringe”. In a sense, they are the best, non-helping (“angel on your shoulder”/”copycat”), “lunatic fringe” you will find. They’ll suck the language up, just because of the “obvious” “set-up”, and their innate learning ability. This is fine; no need to ‘force’ them to  play along; let them “fringe” until they choose to step into the circle, like young Jackson here.

Written by Evan Gardner

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Jay Bazuzi

Fun! We’ve started doing the Red Light / Green Light part with our kids, in sign. One likes to tell us to come, to go, and to stop. We all laugh when he makes us stop.

Today we were on a ferry across Puget Sound, and the kids were getting a little crazy, so my wife started the game with them. Our 3 + their 2 friends. She hasn’t been intensely involved with the WAYK like me, but she picked up Technique: Red Light / Green Light anyway.

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