Justin Robinson (Chinook Nation) leads Max (Lakota/Ojibwe) and Larry in a Chinuk Wawa WAYK game.

Thank you to everyone playing WAYK, and for getting the word out about the Fluency Revolution. Please keep it up – we’re making progress, but aren’t quite there yet.

We’re realizing that the greatest obstacle to our mission at this time is funding. We believe that once we’re fully funded, we can help communities turn around the worldwide crisis of endangered language within a decade.

Help us start that clock right now.

We’re looking for financial help, either in the form of grants, or angel investors. Help the WAYK team get the resources to hold workshops full-time, create and maintain a quality website with a video library of WAYK techniques, and bring the mentoring language to communities that need it.

Join us June 5th and 6th in Vancouver, B.C., for the Save Your Language conference.

Written by Evan Gardner