Last week, WAYK intern David Edwards finished redesigning the new “Where Are Your Keys?” website and there are some great new features he’s set-up.

Under About the Game, you can find a bite sized explanation of this system starting with What is WAYK? Then, read a more detailed overview of the game in The Big Picture, which will help guide you towards understanding an aaaaamazing new page created by David called simply: Techniques.  David has created a detailed technique map that will help guide players through the first stages of play and help you visualize the WAYK process of learning.  Be sure to scroll over each box for a brief explanation of these techniques.

There is also a new Services page that outlines what is possible with a team of experienced WAYK players coming into a community.  From a One-Hour Demonstration to a One-Year Revitalization program, there are plenty of realistic and accessible options for jumpstarting and assisting a living language community.

Another new feature is the Community portion of the site.  We’ve added a Player Bios page with the idea in mind to add any and all players that are interested in sharing their story, and their experience with this game.  Our Partners page is dedicated to those organizations that we’d like to support for their ongoing efforts in language and community revitalization.  The WAYK Facebook page and Players Map have been added under this section also.

Those are the main new features added to the site.  Also, if any of you have a recurring WAYK event that you’d like us to include on the site, please email me and we’ll help spread the word.

Written by Evan Gardner


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