The good folks at SolutionsIQ are partnering with us to bring you our first public workshop in a while.

Please check out the event details at the December workshop event page.

Written by Evan Gardner



Could you please give more information about the Seattle-area workshop. What language(s) will be used? Or is this a more general training that could be applied to any language? What if someone were not available to attend all three days? Is there an age requirement for participants at this workshop? My specific interest is classical Latin, but my son (a senior in high school) is also interested in languages in general and in linguistics.

Alicia (of Woodinville, WA)


The WAYK workshop will focus on American Sign Language as an example language, but as always, once learned, WAYK can be applied to any target language. Attending a WAYK workshop trains you in the universal language game skills.

It is okay if you can’t attend all three days; as a general guideline (though not hard and fast rule) if you can only attend one day, attend the first. If you can only attend two days, come to the first two.

There is no age requirement, though children under the age of 12 or so will probably take their parent’s attention away from the high-energy pace of the workshop. This won’t hurt anyone else’s participation, so we leave this up to parents.

We look forward to playing with you! Feel free to ask any other questions regarding the workshop.

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