Bobbi and Erin practice TQ: Let It Go.

Before I tell you about the WAYK Technique Let It Go, I am going to talk about what a Technique is. A Technique is a tool or strategy we use to help us, mostly with learning language, but with other things beyond language too. A Technique usually has a hand sign that goes with it, but there are some techniques that don’t have hand signs. For example, one of the techniques we use is called “Mind Meadow” (when you don’t have time for a long break, but you take a quick mental break from language so that everyone can “unfill”) and this Technique doesn’t have a hand sign. There are a lot of techniques, like TQ: Go Outside where everyone goes outside during a break. The hand sign for this Technique is just to point outside. There is another TQ called Slow Down and we use that for someone who is talking too fast and we need them to slow down what they’re saying so we can understand them. That hand sign is to put one of your hands in front of you and put the other hand on top and pull your hand towards you slowly (you can see GIFs of the signs for many Techniques in the Technique Glossary). Those are just a couple of Techniques we use, but there are a lot more.

So one Technique I really like is TQ: Let It Go. We might use this Technique when we are trying to put a lesson together or when we are in a hunt. Maybe someone forgot to add something to the Set Up or the leader didn’t do another List because they felt like they didn’t need to but someone else might say, “Wait, shouldn’t we have done that List?” In order to move forward and not get caught in the details, the leader or whoever can be like, “No, it’s fine, Let It Go.” The hand sign for this Technique is to put both of your hands on either side of your face and just fan yourself.

The reason why I like this Technique is because it is good when you are learning a new language to be able to let some stuff go. Like when you are in a language lesson and someone says, “Wait, shouldn’t we be doing this?” or “What does that mean?” and sometimes you just have to let it go for now and later you can go back to it. Hopefully people will stick with language learning for long enough to get their questions answered or we will teach a lesson enough times to make it the best it can be, but not every question will be answered right away, and not every lesson will be perfect the first time you teach it. This idea is also good in life. I have been using this Technique in my own life, just trying to learn to let things go in language and in life.

Post authored by Bobbi.

Written by Evan Gardner