In this video, you’ll see Willem mentoring RaVen in WAYK game play over Skype videoconferencing, in exchange for mentoring in ASL. Willem and RaVen are probably signing too fast for beginners to learn – but for ASL educators this video provides a good example of how to apply the game to American Sign Language.

Willem is in Oregon, and RaVen lives in Colorado.

RaVen Sequoia is a Deaf ASL educator. You can learn more about her at her website, http://aslmastertutor.com.

Written by Evan Gardner


Jay Bazuzi

Amazing how the internet is now capable of moving pens!

I’m going to show this to my deaf friend, see what the thinks.

I sure wish it was higher resolution. I guess the technology isn’t there yet, at least at the consumer level.


This is wonderful! I am going on my second year teaching ASL at the HS level. The Spanish teacher told me about using WAYK and when I googled ASL your site gave me exactly what I needed. Please teach this at ASLTA! Our students will be required to have laptops and this is great practice for them.

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