For all of you dying to get a written version of the WAYK techniques, we’ve self-published about 15 copies of a 60 page booklet. This book covers about half of the techniques we consider vital and fundamental to play, 24 in all, giving more in depth background. The technique entries are almost the same as you’ve been seeing on the blog lately.

If you’re interested in having one, they cost $20 plus $5 shipping/handling (anywhere in the world!). Each one will be signed by Evan Gardner and Willem Larsen. We accept paypal ( and mailed checks. Address checks to:

“Where Are Your Keys?”, LLC
4846 NE 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97211

As I mentioned, there is a limited run of these books – snap them up while you have the chance. We hope to create a 2nd edition later in the year or early next year.

Written by Evan Gardner

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Brilliant. You might also consider offering a PDF copy for $5 or so.

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