We are looking for a documentary filmmaker to help turn around the global crisis of endangered languages, by filming something truly incredible – a “Where Are Your Keys?’/Squamish Language Team partnership, that will turn around the destiny of the moribund and endangered Squamish Language (only 10-13 speakers left) in 12 weeks.

This project starts April 2nd, and will run in two sessions, Spring and Fall 2010, in Vancouver, B.C.

I believe this will be a totally amazing and emotional journey; there is no precedent for what we are setting out to accomplish. This will revolutionize how we look at revitalizing endangered language and culture.

Written by Evan Gardner


Matt Goff

Perhaps you’re already considering this, but just in case, you might try kickstarter.com, I’ve noticed other documentary films have raised a fair bit of money through there.

Rob Myers

Okay, Staci will contact you. They were already familiar with your project, too. Wish I could take the time off and tag along… 😉

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