A scene from Latin Language Night – as you can see, all ages played.

Well, Evan Gardner and I (Willem Larsen) both just returned from Lander, WY, where we’ve been helping the good people of Wyoming Catholic College revitalize Latin. Lander has several noteworthy aspects to it – it’s a lovely town to have a steak dinner in, and it’s also the location of the NOLS headquarters (National Outdoor Leadership  School).

We’ll be releasing videos in the coming days, but suffice to say that we are working on returning to Lander. We don’t want to stop until the town of Lander is a language immersion destination for Latin (and the Latin-speaking capital of the world)! The Latin faculty and students at WCC are in full agreement with us on this. So watch this space for more exciting Latin news.

Written by Evan Gardner



Wonderful, would be great if Latin could be spoken again in a whole town or city! That would be a really immersive experience and a total fluency environment. We really need a Latin-speaking capital of the world.

Thanks to Evan Gardner, Willem Larsen and Nancy Llewellyn.


Lander Wyoming will be THE Latin language tourism destination capital of the world.

Please play your WAYK games, video them, and send them to me be posted. Yes we need more video. Please make more! It is important to note that video, even if it looks exactly like other video that is already posted from some other group, is very important. Even if the games look the same, they are another sample of another place someone can go to learn WAYK.

Please also put your name and location on the google map. We are getting to the point where I am calculating next workshop locations based on the density of players!


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John Young

Please, videos! I would love love to see a game develop. I am leading students in Latin WAYK and I would greatly benefit from seeing another game proceed.

Marti Wolfe

I would love to play WAYK with a Latin group! I know a little Latin – my brother and I used to write each other letters in Latin for a gag – and I think it would help me master the WAYK techniques so I can use them with Hebrew, my actual goal.

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