Agilistry Studio just sent us the following event announcement for us to share – hope to see all you budding WAYK revolutionaries there!

Where Are Your Keys
Saturday, January 23, 2010 9:00 AM –
Sunday, January 24, 2010 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Agilistry Studio at Quality Tree Software, Inc.
+1 (925) 426-9726
4713 First Street
Suite 275
Pleasanton, CA 94566

“Where Are Your Keys?” (WAYK) is an interactive learning game that creates a framework around a well-defined collection of mentoring techniques. The game creates a language of learning-how-to-learn-and-teach, accelerating and expanding our learning capacity. Instructors, coaches, and consultants can use the game in their work mentoring others. Just learning the game gives new perspectives on how to teach effectively.

Evan Gardner, a learning technology innovator, developed the game after observing for several years the teaching techniques that seemed to work most effectively for the greatest number of language students. Evan and his partner Willem Larsen use the game in their work preserving endangered languages.

However, “Where Are Your Keys?” isn’t just about learning languages. The game is applicable to any targeted skill, whether mechanical, physical, scientific, linguistic, artistic, or otherwise.

In this introductory workshop, Evan and Willem teach you the “Where Are Your Keys?” game and associated techniques, applying the techniques to Agile software development practices starting with the Stand-up Meeting.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to run a basic game of WAYK using over twenty mentoring language techniques, including: Obviously, Set-up, Limit, Full, Sorry Charlie, Travels with Charlie, We’ll All Get There Together, Start at the Beginning, Start Over, Hotseat, Lunatic Fringe, the Lotus, Angel on your shoulder, Copycat (Parrot, Sing-a-long Song), WAYK core conversation, the Walk core conversation, Modeling, Contract, Craig’s List, Want/Have/Give/Take, Default “Yes”, Same Conversation.

You will come away with first-hand experience of using the mentoring language to accelerate teaching-learning relationships in your own learning community.

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Contact Information
Phone: 925-426-9726, Email:

Payment Instructions
This is the inaugural event at Quality Tree Software, Inc’s new Agilistry Studio. To celebrate, we’re offering this workshop at an introductory price of just $50. Lunch is included both days.

Payment must be made in advance. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Written by Evan Gardner



SPLENDID, i don’t suppose you provide lodging as well? Ha-ha, of course not. I’d like to see it, where could i sleep during the stay? Any affordable hostels situated close by?


Pleasanton doesn’t look very centrally located; I didn’t see any nearby hostels when I searched google. Contact Elizabeth (the San Francisco workshop host) at and quiz her on some options.


Thank you!

I have another question, will you hold this workshop no matter if you end up getting very few participants (i don’t really expect this, but i’m asking just to be safe) ..?

Grok Hussein Amiri

How accessible/amenable will this workshop be to folk who are NOT software developers? I’m an educator and would absolutely adore the chance to participate in a real-life WAYK with ya’ll, but am unsure whether this workshop is the time/place/context . . .


This workshop will be extremely accessibly to non-software developers. Definitely come, if the game interests you. You’ll fit right in.

Grok Hussein Amiri

Grr. It looks as though, while I was struggling with the Internet, someone snatched up the last two slots in the workshop! >.< I'm on the waitlist. Ya'll know when ya'll will be down here next?

Grok Hussein Amiri

A spot opened up this morning and I snatched it up! Yay! See ya’ll there!

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