This past summer, while we were in Warm Springs, Sky Hopinka was filming and interviewing us for a short documentary he wanted to do on WAYK.  Now that the editing and everything is done, we’d like to share it with you all.  This 20 minute film gives an overview of the Techniques, the community building aspect of the summer, and the chance to hear the voices of the student workers and WAYK interns.

We hope you all enjoy!


Written by Evan Gardner

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Joseph Arthur

Pretty interesting. I am attending in Feather Falls today.. (we didnt use something like this.. but maybe we can apply it to Hide and Go Seek..

Hide & Go Seek: “ONO•U-U- SI ?ONPU- WESLY-”

I am having my kids play a game of Hide ‘n Seek
in the house (but they have to do it in Miwok)
Count 1 – 10 in Miwok (and re-iterated in English)

Its counting 1-10 in both miwok and english. Till they get used to it. Then (after a bit) they can ONLY SPEAK in MIWOK. So its an immersive game for them – they are used to. (they are learning off the cultural language clocks now).

Seek = WELSY-
Hide = ONO•U-U-

(Next time I wanted to label the locations of where kids are hiding, but in this instance – is it better to just call out the locations rather than a Printed Label of what location it is?) – lets see. I am excited for today !

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