This summer, we are once again fortunate to offer internship opportunities during the 2018 WAYK Summer Intensive. The internship positions are sponsored by our host community (APIA), in partnership with TAC, TAF, and a number of other regional organizations.

Participating in a WAYK summer project is one of the best ways to be fully immersed in the work of language revitalization, experience hands-on work with community members, support learners as they strive for fluency, and learn about the WAYK method itself. Interns who have participated in past summer intensives have developed strong WAYK skills as a result of their experiences, and we love that many of them have returned to work with WAYK again. In fact, each year we aim to bring at least one “returning” intern with us who has participated in a previous Summer Intensive to share their knowledge and deepen their skill. This year, since we will be working with both dialects of Unangam Tunuu, we hope to have two returning interns and two new interns.

Because our interns are sponsored by local and regional organizations, each intern will have their transportation, lodging, and food costs covered for the summer. While we are not yet able to offer paid positions, the only personal expense for interns this summer will be incidental purchases. The summer intensive is a long project (11 weeks!), running from May 20th to August 5th. We give priority consideration to applicants who are available for the entire length of the project, since, of course, it is the most effective use of our host community’s funding.

WAYK is now accepting applications for this summer’s intern positions. We are looking for indigenous language activists, university students, teachers, and other professionals with a variety of skills and interests including language acquisition, education, linguistics, neuroscience, computer programming, film, theater, writing, and more. The ideal WAYK intern is someone who has a great sense of humor, is self-aware, flexible, adaptable, and, above all, ethical and honorable.

We are looking for applicants who are open-minded and sensitive to other cultures and cultural protocols, take feedback and criticism well, work well as part of a team, know how to take the spotlight as a leader and how to help discreetly from behind the scenes, and are somehow both realistic and optimistic about the uphill battle of language revitalization. Every summer, our WAYK interns need to be passionate and curious, willing to go the extra mile for language, and considerate, responsible housemates! If this sounds like you (or someone you know) we encourage you to apply!

Timeline for Internship Applications

Application Deadline February 22, 2018

Application Review, Selection of Finalists, & Interviews February 23—March 14, 2018

Selection of Interns March 15, 2018

Orientation & Training Teleconferences March—May 2018 

N.B. Attendance at all preliminary teleconferences is required. (Teleconferences are tentatively scheduled for Fridays @ 12 pm AKDT)

Internship Program May 20—August 5, 2018 


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Written by Evan Gardner