Hi, my name is Junior Golodoff. I’m from Atka, Alaska. This here is my third year with the Summer Language Intensive. I’m joining the team as an APICDA intern. What got me involved with the language is my friends because without them I probably wouldn’t be here. What got me interested in the language was that the language was dying off and that we the youngsters are the only ones to keep it alive.

I made a lot of progress during the Urban Unangax̂ Culture Camp (CC) and the Unangam Tunuu Download Camp (UTDC) in Anchorage at the APIA Unangam Ulaa. During the time of the CC and the UTDC, I found that we made the most progress because we did a lot more planning, lessons, and icebreakers. What I enjoyed during the CC and the UNDC was that the participants were willing to learn the language and that they also enjoyed it.

The skills and techniques that I learned now will help me out in the future. I’d use these skills and techniques in future culture camps, language download camps, and summer language intensives. How I plan on staying involved with the language is just keep doing lessons, do more hunts, and draft new lessons.

Post authored by Junior.

Written by Evan Gardner