We’re happy to announce that two new videos are on the WAYK Vimeo account. Both feature Evan and David pushing and pulling Intermediate-level expressions in two different languages from each other using advanced WAYK techniques. One is of Evan hunting Mandarin from David, and the other is of David hunting Spanish from Evan; both are below. These aren’t your simple “what is that?” games, with one person just teaching another; these examples show how WAYK players can actively seek and capture new words and phrases and how players can help each other teach and learn. We hope you can pay close attention to the ins and outs of higher-level WAYK in these videos so that you too can practice them!

Evan hunts Mandarin from David:

David hunts Spanish from Evan:

Written by Evan Gardner



And color.. more gray? Do things have more or less color?


Low budget video loves bland, solid colors.

I would rejoice over a Hollywood studio with a lighting crew and production staff…

When we get our million dollar grant we will hire a volunteer coordinator who will recruit intern film students, student linguists, student psychologists, student lawyers, student educators, student drug and alcohol counselors, student web designers, student librarians, student ethnobotanists, medical students, student mechanics (for our fleet of language vans), student graphic designers, and student chefs (seriously, TQ: “Food for Thought”). If I missed a critical field let me know… we are making the list. Watch out world!


I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I was confused on the grammatical thing. I meant to ask if there is such a thing as more and less color. I wasn’t noticing anything lacking in the video quality. (Though I hear your frustration.)

Jay Bazuzi

That’s the best Spanish lesson I’ve ever had, and it was way beyond my current fluent edge. Nice!


Wonderful! Thanks for the videos! They’ve helped me really understand how thinks work. I was doing these things too with Korean, but that was after playing a lot of Korean.

Again, thanks for all of the techniques as well.

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