Chinook Nation WAYK Instructor Justin Robinson at Kent’s night.

WAYK Podcast, Episode 3: Debriefing the Game, Part II. 40 minutes and 37 seconds.

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As we mentioned for Episode 2, this continues a series of debriefs podcasted to give folks insight into how the game works, and how we improve the game. Big issues covered in this podcast:

Technique: “Mumble (where Evan says: “That’s how you make a technique!”)

Hucksterism? Really thinking about how people hear the claims we make. Can we improve    how we describe the game?

Technique: “Inner Child – Releasing the Inner Child creates new techniques.

Technique: “Poke and Slap – Making techniques more kinesthetic.

Technique: “You Go First – Making those “How Fascinating” moments really zing.

Technique: “Flush the Pipes – A new technique, applied to “Full“, to make a sludgy game flow again.

Written by Evan Gardner