The set-up for the “sharpening tools” conversation, as briefly mentioned in this podcast.

42 minutes and 56 seconds.

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Evan, Peter, and Lisa gather for another Chinuk Night debriefing conversation.

1. Technique “Same Conversation”

  • Peter and Evan collaborated on the conversation of “sharpening tools”

2. Technique “Craig’s List”

  • Peter and Evan created a new CL, “How Do They Move”

3. Technique “Where Are Your Keys?”

  • Lisa tells the story of learning Chinuk Wawa over the past month.

4. Technique “Killing Faeries”

  • Peter stops translating new language immediately once new WAYK players have finished “want/have/give/take”.
  • For example, Peter doesn’t translate “CL: Above, Below, In-Front-of…” when he brings it into play.

5. Technique “Slow/Fast”, “Parrot”, “Sing-a-long-Song”

  • Peter describes how WAYK players dovetail all these techniques.
  • Lisa describes the seamlessness and comfort of learning language this way.

6. Technique “We’ll All Get There Together”

  • WAYK removes the spotlight.
  • You’re not here to learn, you’re here to teach.

7. Technique “Language Hunting”

  • Learning to teach is learning to hunt.

8. Technique “Último”

  • Lisa has concerns about her experiences learning from first-time WAYK teachers.
  • Evan shares these concerns

9. Techniques “Squatter’s Rights”, “Mr. Willem’s Wild Ride”

  • Peter realizes he doesn’t understand the  difference between “squatter’s rights” and “Mr. Willem’s wild ride”.
  • Evan describes the difference between these two techniques.
  • “Mr. Willem’s Wild Ride” indicates a lack of marking and explaining techniques (and making sure newbies teach soon), in favor of a rapid rise in language proficiency.
  • “Squatter’s Rights” means pushing farther into new language territory, even if players aren’t fully fluent in the old territory yet.

10. Technique “Último”

  • Evan describes the rationale behind having total WAYK newbies teaching right away.

11. Technique “Roadmap”

  • Peter thinks the WAYK team should put a visual roadmap on the wall at the WAYK immersion house, and introduce each brand-newbie to it right away.
  • Evan and Peter discuss what elements to include on the roadmap.
  • Lisa talks about her resistance to attending Chinuk Wawa night.

12. Techniques “Killing Faeries”, “Abigail’s Antidote”

  • Abigail invented an antidote to the death of a faery, by clapping them back to life, per the story of Peter Pan!

Written by Evan Gardner

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Jay Bazuzi

In the colors discussion, you mentioned that “pink” in Chinuk is “grey-red”.

Before the orange fruit appeared in the English-speaking world, our word for the color was “geoluhread” or “yellow-red”.

If a new player is surprised that color names aren’t universal, you can use this to help them see the fluidity of color names as being less foreign.

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